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Go Simple. Go Style. Go Midmi Slim

Forget the big and bulky wallets of the past the Midmi Slim Wallet is the wallet of the future. Designed with a purpose to cut the bulk and present a classy, stylish extension of yourself.  Stores all major cards and identification and slips easily into any pocket for a “barely there” feel. 

When was the last time you upgraded your life? Start small and slim and let go of the clutter! The Midmi Slim Wallet is the perfect accessory for the man on the go. 

Captivating Design

The Midmi Slim wallet is designed to feel like it's barely there, while highlighting the classy edges and modern aesthetic.

Several elite colors to choose

Check our store often for updates on new colors and patterns.

Not just a wallet

The Midmi Slim is fully functional for an array of uses from cash to cards.

The Midmi Slim Wallet is the slimmest wallet on the market today. Don't settle for cheap knockoffs or reproductions.

The wallet is handmade and crafted by a real person, not a machine. From the stitching to the lines The Midimi Slim cuts no corners in the pursuit of class. 

Free Shipping on multiple orders worldwide. 

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Friendly Return Policy

Free Shipping On Multiples

Most Orders Ship Next Day


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The Midmi Slim Wallet

Midmi Slim – Rust

Handmade and stitched by artisans. No two wallets are alike. Natural patina and a “barley there” feeling has made the Midmi Slim Wallet one of the slimmest luxury wallets on the market today.


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